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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Abby:  t seems that every other letter you print concerns a demanding relative (a parent, in-law, sibling, etc.). The writer always wants to know how to avoid unreasonable demands without causing "unpleasantness." May I say a word to these folks?
Be honest and admit that the relationship is already unpleasant. Demanding people are impossible to please. They know their control over you depends on temper tantrums and/or fits of sulking and tears. They'll pitch these fits regularly no matter how hard you try to please them.
When faced with an unreasonable demand, just say "no." Don't waste time giving reasons or trying to work out a compromise. You already know it won't do any good. Then hunker down and wait for the explosion, keeping in mind that the longer you have been a doormat, the more violent and bitter the reaction will be.
Above all, do not be drawn into a fight! Controlling people love to fight, and they are good at it. Your weapon should be polite withdrawal. Refuse meetings. Screen your calls. Ignore letters and emails unless they contain an apology and indicate a sincere desire for change. It may shock your domineering relatives into more reasonable behavior.
If not, you haven't lost a thing. You may even find that your life is less complicated without them. Draw the line and let your family know that future relationships will be based on love and respect, or there will be no future relations. You won't regret it. -- BEEN THERE, DONE THAT,

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Retarded People

So this has been bugging me for a while. Idiots who run the management of my apartment can't spell. Please see if you notice the obvious mistakes from the following statements:

1. Do to the there being a problem with plumbing, your water will be temporarily shut off on monday from 7:30 till 10:30 a.m. this monday.

2. Please be sure to mark the back of your mailboxes with your names, to insure that you receive your mail promptly.

3. In order to make the dryers work better please be sure to remove the lent from the dryers.

There have been numerous other posts which I chose to ignore. But somehow this has gone too far now. Today I had to receive a note under my door saying my rent was not paid on time. The odd thing is that this month I actually paid my rent before even the first!!!! I'm so fed up with this apartment and this only adds to the mess and pisses me off even more!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


So I still don't get why people judge a person based off of what someone tells them. Really one should only make their own opinion about someone after meeting the person, themselves. I'm sick of hearing people have all these friggin judgements of people they've never met, but merely heard others rattle off about them.

It's worse when these people who've never met that person will then go on to tell that person who complained about them to not hang out with that person anymore. Grrr people grow up..seriously you might just be a bit older than a normal middle school kid now.

I always try to make judgements of people myself after getting to know the person. I knew a girl in my lab known as the bitch to everyone. I actually thought she was alright and talked to her quite a bit..till the day I saw her other side when she did me wrong, and then I started hearing all the other bullshit she pulled off..then I realized and figured hell she is a bitch. Before it all,I was one of the few in the lab who actually talked to her.

I guess I learned myself..and I guess it's my curiousity or the fact that I like to figure things out myself. Some people may just be too lazy to care..

**I will note..I'm a hugely opinionated person and I'm proud to be one. All my opinions are based on enough situations to make me make some type of judgement..though I don't always try to generalize.

I'm Alive!

Funny that I decided to blog today only to realize I can't even remember my password. So after about 20 mins of getting myself back into "blog" mode and then logging into my hotmail account to reset the password I'm here. Funniest thing of it all is that while I logged in to get the password, I get one of my readers writing and asking if I'll still be blogging. Yes yes and YES. I've been meaning to blog, and complaining to everyone about blogging..but do I do it? Nope

Well what a long while.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Curiosity Got the Best of ME

So...I was up in the cell culture room in one of the labs I work I opened up the incubator and something caught my eye. No not just cells that I have always seen in there with their red media/food on top..but rather something intensely lemony yellow was in there. Being me, of course I grabbed it..pulled it out and looked at it. was the most beautiful yellow hue I had seen, but it had chunky white crap all in it, like curdled milk. I put it whose it was too though :D The person will be called "George". I should have thrown George's stuff away though, it was contaminated!! The yellow color occured because the pH indicator in the media--the same media which is feeding the cells had now been taken over by contamination--bacteria. Bacteria which had depleted the resources in the media and started to ferment--a.k.a. produce acid which in turns led the pH to decrease and then viola..yellow awesome colored media! wohoo! Blahhhaha that was a lot to get out!

Anyways...I get back to lab. George is telling me about his experiment. I totally forgot about his yellow awesome stuff. And then he says yah I need to check my exp and I seriously hope it worked. Ding ding hit me then...I was like George's very pretty and yellow. He's like touched my shit and looked at it, and threw it away didn't you cuz of the contamination!!....And I said NO, I never throw peoples' contaminated shit away..though I did peek at it :D Well in any case he was pissed his exp didn't work...though he kinda wished I had gotten rid of it. I on the other hand...well umm the yellow color was soo perrrty.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Am I Girly Enough?

Yes I'm back with a post! While the world is giving up on blog remains :) yahhh

So here goes..

With all the bottles I have collected over the years of things it made me wonder how girly am I? Or is it just normal. I am the type who has about 30+ bottles of lotion in my bathroom. In addition to body washes, body spritzes, and a wide variety of loofahs and foot scrubbers.

That's not all..I also use a specific line of shampoo & conditioner from a salon, and also use gel, mousse, hair spray, and hair shiny thingy from a salon. My face wash isn't just normal facewash, it's the stuff you have to order by mail and pay like a shitload for. I also have at least 7 bottles of perfume that I wear on a day to day basis. In addition to this all, I also have way too much make-up...I have many different types of foundation (3 at one time!!), blushes, too many eye shadows, bronzers/shiny stuff, mascara's, eye name it I got it. Jewelry has always been up there too when it comes to jewelry for the hands.

Shoes are a girls best friend. How can you only have one pair of shoes..I try to restrict myself with the amount of shoes I buy..but still I would like to say that I have more than at least 20 pairs.

Clothing is endless..I'm always out buying a new sweater or something.

I love smelly not only do I have a collection of small candles..but I also am starting to get a collection of candle warmers, potpourri oils, candle-turn-into-oil deals, as well as plug-ins!

To me this is part of just being a girl. Though I know some friends of mine who will only buy one item, wait till it's finished then go for the next...I simply cannot imagine doing that..what's the fun. I guess I just wanna have so many choices to choose from.

I agree the lotions have gotten outta hand..I was thinking of giving some away to Good Will though I'm not so sure they'd be keen on that..or what..

Monday, October 01, 2007

Long long time. I swear I will post soon! Anostica is still alive do not forget! I just have to think of something meaningful and not a journal entry

Monday, July 16, 2007


To yearn..ack yearning.

Mariam-webster defines the word yearn as "to long persistently, wistfully". question is..have you ever yearned for something? Yearned so long for it..then wondered if all your effort was worth it? Wondered should you be putting all that energy into it so early when you could be spending that energy elsewhere?

Is yearning like obsession? That you obsess to the point you become obsessive compulsive? It's like wanting that awesome pair of shoes at the store you've been waiting to go on sale but they never do..eventually your mind gets over them because you've reached your yearning saturation..or your obsession has subsided..Does that mean that, that yearn may come back after a while or that obsession may hit again, or is it really gone forever?

I'm a Ranter

I'm a ranter and proud to be one. If I can't get it off my chest by talking to my friends I write it all up. I'd rather talk it out or write it out, rather than spit it out (rant) to the person/thing I'm ranting about. I avoid giving a lot of pain to the world around me this way...Surely everyone understands this...but at times I wonder. It's a part of me..always has been and always will be. To me I'd rather rant here or to a friend than to hurt the designated person by my ranting.